Retiring in the NC Mountains!

North Carolina is one the top states for retirement and active adult retirement communities. This fast growing state of 9.7 million people (2012) offers plenty of outdoor activities, hundreds of best places to retire. The Blue Ridge Mountains in the western part of the state offers unparallel scenery and recreation. Many new residents are  people from the Northeast who moved to Florida only to become disillusioned, who then move half-way back north to the Carolinas.  In a 2010 poll North and South Carolina became the most popular places to retire among baby boomers, beating out the traditional leaders, Arizona and Florida.    

 Ed Rosenberg, the director of the gerontology graduate program at Appalachian State University, predicts that the aging mountain population will more than double in the coming decades, and in twenty-five years, the gathered figures indicate a 150% increase.

In the North Carolina Mountains we are blessed with a delightful climate, beautiful scenery and pleasant communities that create retirement living at its finest.  Our region is filled with great North Carolina Retirement Communities and filled with Retirement Homes in North Carolina.

The evidence can be seen by simply driving through any one of the High County counties during the summer months, and the number of out-of-state tags nearly equals that of the North Carolina license plates.

 Residing in the North Carolina Mountains is truly a blessing – for young and old.  The Ashe County Realtors here at A1 Mountain Realty will ensure that your peaceful retirement dreams come true!  Are you looking for Retirement Homes in North Carolina?  Ashe County NC and West Jefferson North Carolina offers the best NC Mountain Real Estate.  Live along the New River, or the magnificent Blue Ridge Parkway.  Check out our listings of Ashe County Real Estate from our website (, and see the best North Carolina Retirement Communities in the mountains! If you're planning a visit to the High Country be sure and stop by our office located on main street here in West Jefferson NC.

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