Working with Real Estate Agents

Buying and selling a home can be an intimidating undertaking for anyone, particularly when it is your first time. But, it’s a process you don’t have to undertake alone. When buyers and sellers work with an agent, the entire process is more efficient and a lot less stressful than if buyers or sellers tried to do everything on their own.  If you’re in the difficult position of looking for a house while selling your current home, then it is even more critical that you work with an agent. Not only will they list and advertise your current property, but they will also help you find your new home, greatly decreasing the stress of a dual transaction. Let your agent be your intermediary, so that you can benefit from their knowledge and skills. In the end, they will help you save time and unwanted frustration throughout the buying and selling process.

Having an agent who is well-informed about your desired neighborhood and one who knows the history and the state of the market is essential and valuable to buyers and sellers. Agents also have access to an extensive variety of homes that are not yet listed or visible to the general public, giving you an advantage over other potential buyers. By working with an agent, you have a broader range of options for properties and your home has a greater likelihood of being widely marketed.

Home showings are one of the most challenging parts of buying and selling properties. An agent can show your property while you are away, accommodating a larger number of potential buyers. Buyers want to have full access to a house when viewing a property, so, if the property is listed with an agent, then they can schedule showings while the seller is not present, increasing the likelihood for showings and for a sale. The same applies to you, the agent can schedule showings for you so you can visit multiple properties in as little as one afternoon.

You and your agent should work as a team. It is your job to tell the agent what you want in a home, such as number of rooms, bathrooms, square footage, the area that you desire to live in, etc. The agent then goes to work, arranging homes for you to see that meet your conditions. What you may not know is that agents are legally-bound to represent your best interests.  An agent will direct you step by step through the entire procedure of selling or buying so that nothing is overlooked, but they will also help you comprehend the requirements and contract terms, without which your responsibility increases. Completing contract negotiations is another area where an agent’s expertise is advantageous to you as they make sure all the paperwork is concluded in a timely manner and that all contractual questions are addressed. This can be an emotionally taxing process and the agent is there to help by guiding you step by step from acceptance of the contract to the close of escrow.

Buying and selling a house is not an easy undertaking, but A1 Mountain Realty is here to assist you. If you’re in the market for a piece of NC Mountain Acreage to build your West Jefferson NC home or if you want to turn an existing property into your family’s dream home, we can help you turn your ideas into a reality. Take a look at all of our listings at A1 Mountain Realty or call the office at 336-846-4900 to speak to one of our Ashe County Realtors. While you are browsing around on our site be sure to check out the Downtown West Jefferson Webcam and view Mt. Jefferson and the downtown area. We hope to see you soon!