Survey About Buyers in the NC High Country!

 Attached are the results we have received so far from the survey we have been sending out to agents who have recently sold real estate – primarily in 2014.  We have had 35 responses out of approximately 120 surveys sent.  Our goal is to learn as much as possible about buyers of real estate in the High Country so that we can better target our marketing efforts to attach as many potential buyers as possible. 

It is very early in the survey process but below are some of our observations:

* 68.5% of buyers are from North Carolina with 11.5% from Florida.

* Climate and Recreational Opportunities are the major draws.

* We need to refine Question #3 to gather more specific information on how potential  buyers learn about us.

* Second homes are still the primary reason people buy in the High Country.

* We attract a wide range of income levels.

* People over the age of 50 are the most likely buyers.

* Most buyers have at least a Bachelor degree.

Thank you,
High Country Association of Realtors

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Article written by Mitchell Cline.