New Look at Ashe County Cheese!

West Jefferson North Carolina definitely has something to moo about!!

Ashe County Cheese has a new look. Three steel cows' heads now adorn the holding tanks in front of Ashe County Cheese.

The project, designed by Stephen Willingham of The Artist's Theater, was a larger piece in a beautification project commissioned by Mark Everhart of Ashe County Cheese

The construction of the steel cows’ heads was overseen by Rusty Rogers, a welding instructor at Ashe County High School. His Welding II class spent nearly a month on their construction.

“The boys did a great job; it was a big project. It was great to see them progress from the first head, which was pretty rough and took the longest, to the third which they cut and welded fairly quickly,” said Rogers.

“We hope they become a distinguishing feature of downtown West Jefferson North Carolina. I think they will,” said Josh Williams, co-owner of Ashe County Cheese.

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