McDonald’s and Giving Back to Ashe County Schools!!

We here at A-1 Mountain Realty would like to thank McDonald’s and our own local McDonald’s owners, Don and MaryAnne Moore, for presenting a check for $40,000 to the Ashe County Swimming Pool Committee. The Pool Committee is the citizen group that committed to fund 1/3 of the cost of the pool’s re-opening. Two other entities, the Ashe County Commissioners and the Ashe County Board of Education, partnered with the citizen group to equally share in the project’s cost, costing approximately $ 102,400.00 for each group. The $40,000 donation from McDonald’s completes the amount the Pool Committee needed to raise for their share.

Pool Committee Chairperson Rachel Shepherd commented, “We are so excited about this donation! It completes our fund-raising efforts to get the pool re-opened. McDonald’s has always been so supportive of community projects here in Ashe County. They went to bat for us to get those coins returned to Ashe County for this much-needed project. Now we can move on to developing support for the next phase of the pool’s programs.”

“Those coins everyone has dropped in the collection boxes over the years have now come home," explained the Moore’s. “The Pool Committee has done an incredible job to raise their share of the funds needed to re-open the pool. When we heard they still needed some additional money to complete their share, we knew immediately how we could help.”                

Keep dropping your change into the collection box at McDonald’s because the money does come home to us here in Ashe County North Carolina which may help our local Ashe County Schools.