Linville Caverns

 Linville Caverns was opened for public touring in 1937. Since that time many upgrades to the pathways and lighting system have enhanced the safe touring experience that now exists.  Courteous and experienced guides take you into the subterranean world, giving you the history of the caverns and allowing you to view the grand work of nature. 

The Linville Caverns NC are easy to get to and open year round to the public. Exploring a historic Western NC Attraction like the Linville Caverns is perfect for people of all ages. The caverns are the only show caverns that you can visit in the state of the North Carolina. The temperature inside the caverns remains fairly constant, around 58 degrees due to the fact that they are in the interior part of a mountain. The caverns formed from a deposit of shady dolomite at the base of Humpback Mountain in Linville. Guided tours are given daily and you can photograph the stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over the millions of years. Visitors are asked not to touch the subterranean formations as they are highly sensitive to the oils on our bodies and are still actively forming.

Linville Caverns NC is home to a few types of plant and animal life. Blind fish navigate through the dark waters of the stream that makes its way into the caverns and aids in their formation. Tiny little brown bats also hibernate in the cave from late fall until the spring. Just one of numerous things to do while in the Blue Ridge Mountains, visiting the Linville Caverns NC is a great way to spend the day. Come explore the inside of a mountain! 

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