Improvements for Selling Your NC Mountain Home!

When people decide to sell their NC Mountain home, they want it to sell quickly. In today's market more times than not it just doesn't happen very quickly. There are some things you can do that will improve your chances of getting your home sold. Some are inexpensive, some may cost, but be well worth it in the end.

  •  Make any repairs whether it's to the home, outbuildings, or the driveway.   
     Stain or paint weathered siding and doors.
  •  Power wash vinyl siding and decks.
  • Clean gutters.
  • Replace missing shingles.
  • Update the outside light fixtures.
  • Clean the windows inside and out.
  • Mow the yard, weed the flower beds.
  • Trim back the trees and bushes.

The inside is as important as the outside:

  • Keep the interior clean and tidy. Remove any clutter that may exist.
  •  Replace any leaking fixtures.
  • Make sure your appliances are in good working condition.
  • Update counter tops and cabinetry if possible.
  • Just something as simple as replacing the cabinets hardware can go a long way
  • Paint rooms if needed. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders.
  • Have the basement and garage organized and with adequate lighting.
  • Install proper railing.
    Have a current home inspection done and go ahead and make the needed repairs.
  • Have a list of the neighborhoods assets: schools, hospitals, parks, library, shopping and such.

First impressions mean a lot. You want your home to stand out of all the rest. You may not have the budget to make big changes but just doing simple little things can really stand out and make a good first impression to that prospective buyer. You want the buyers to be able to envision living in your home.

A1 Mountain Realty wants to sell your home as much as you do. The agents here at A1 Mountain Realty will be glad to give you advice on getting your home ready to put on the market. If you're looking for a NC Mountain Home Or NC Mountain Acreage to purchase they will help you find that home or acreage, regardless of your budget. Whatever your situation, don't hesitate to call any one of our staff and they will be happy to find a solution to fit your needs. We know how the North Carolina Real Estate business works and we are happy to pass on that knowledge. So whether you're buying or getting ready to sell please feel free to contact us today at 336-846-4900 or visit our website and take a look at all of our listings. Check out the Downtown West Jefferson Webcam on the homepage of our website.

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