Blowing Rock NC

The Blowing Rock Attraction NC is  an interesting place where folklore and history abound. It is an unusual rock formation that overlooks the Johns River Gorge just off the Blue Ridge Parkway NC.  The winds blow continuously here because the walls of the Johns River Gorge form a flume through which the Northwest wind sweeps with such force that it will return light objects thrown over the edge. 

It is said that a Chickasaw chieftain, fearful of a white man’s admiration for his lovely daughter, journeyed far from the plains to bring her to The Blowing Rock and the care of a squaw mother. One day the maiden, daydreaming on the craggy cliff, spied a Cherokee brave wandering in the wilderness far below and playfully shot an arrow in his direction. The flirtation worked because soon he appeared before her wigwam, courted her with songs of his land and they became lovers, wandering the pathless woodlands and along crystal streams.

One day a strange reddening of the sky brought the brave and the maiden to The Blowing Rock. To him it was a sign of trouble commanding his return to his tribe in the plains. With the maiden’s pleas not to leave her, the brave, torn by conflict of duty and heart, leaped from The Rock into the wilderness far below. The grief-stricken maiden prayed daily to the Great Spirit until, one evening with a reddening sky, a gust of wind blew her lover back onto The Rock and into her arms. From that day a perpetual wind has blown up onto The Rock from the valley below. For people of other days, at least, this was explanation enough for The Blowing Rock’s mysterious winds causing even the snow to fall upside down.

Today, visitors to the Blowing Rock Attraction can walk out atop the observation deck and see excellent views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Johns River Gorge. Most often remark at the strange, high wind pattern that exists atop this location. The views jut out 1,500 feet above the gorge and it's easy to believe the ancient story that is still told at the Blowing Rock Attraction.

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