Ashe County Surveyors

Have you ever wondered if your neighbor was digging a hole, building a dog pen, or cutting a tree, that could possibly be on your property? Those type of questions are critical reasons for wanting a professional survey completed. Even if someone told you where the property line was, how do you know for sure someone did not move the stakes? A survey represents a peace of mind and takes the guessing out of situations when you feel someone is encroaching on your property. Surveys are performed by highly trained and licensed professionals that take the utmost care in ensuring your survey is completed correctly and with precision.  

Older surveys were possibly completed by a pole and chain method, with landmarks referring to a “certain tree”, which may not exist anymore. Modern day surveys use Global Positioning Systems and are accurate to as little as fraction of an acre. Even with modern survey tools, a stake or iron pin can disappear, be pressed into the ground, or moved by someone who did not want to mow around it.

A deed may not be insurable by a title company, because a new survey was not completed for you in your name. The surveyor and/or the title company can be held accountable if  survey is incorrect. Some banks make surveys a requirement of the loan if borrowing. Surveys uncover easements, flood zones, and  encroachments or if setbacks have been violated.

The cost of a survey varies according to the size of the property, whether it is in a subdivision or not, if a previous survey had been performed, and the irregularity of the property. There is not a set dollar amount for a survey, but the peace of mind a survey provides is worth the cost. For more on why obtaining a survey may be a good investment, contact us at 336-846-4900, A1 Mountain Realty be glad to refer you to professional NC Mountain Surveyors.

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