West Jefferson NC Weather

When most people think of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, they think of snowy winters and mild summer temperatures. Though most of North Carolina tends to have a humid climate, the High Country is considerably drier and cooler in the summer than many other parts of the state. Its climate is more […]

North Carolina Mountain Property

The Mountains of North Carolina have brought many generations joy and excitement. Despite how hectic day to day live becomes, there's something about this area in the Appalachian Mountains that slows everything down. The crisp morning air and beautiful scenery has a way of putting life into perspective, bringing with it tranquility not found in […]

What You Should Know About An NC Mountain Home Appraisal!

When you're buying a NC Mountain Homes for Sale using a mortgage, refinancing your existing mortgage, or selling your home to anyone other than an all-cash buyer, the home appraisal is a key component of the transaction. Whether you're a buyer, owner or seller, you'll want to understand how the appraisal process works and how […]

Homes For Sale in the NC Mountains

A common story that is heard throughout the High Country is of a particularly memorable visit to the area followed by a longing to live here. This is the story with many of our part time residents to this region. The crisp, clean mountain air, breathtaking beauty, and friendly atmosphere seem to beckon people to […]

High Country Sightseeing from the Blue Ridge Parkway Overlooks!

The NC Mountains offers visitors one memorable experience after another. We've got easy walks and strenuous hikes, crystal clear mountain lakes and streams for swimming and boating, and mountain streams and rivers for fishing and cancoeing. The scenery is gorgeous, and you can see it everywhere from the seat of your car, to a bicycle […]

Campgrounds on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Camping is a popular outdoor activity for people traveling through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This region of the Blue Ridge Mountains is home to a number of state and federal forests and parks that provide camping sites, campgrounds, or backwoods camping opportunities.   If you own or […]

Picnic Areas on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a uniquely motorized experience, so there’s no surprise that the classic Parkway visit is a day trip that includes a roadside picnic. Here in the High Country there's many nice picnic areas that have been established for the public's enjoyment.                    Parkway picnic areas can have restrooms, grills or fireplaces, water […]

Western North Carolina Real Estate

If you're one of the countless others who has fallen in love with the High Country, then you're probably looking for the best in Western North Carolina Real Estate. Let A1 Mountain Realty assist you in your search for a special place to call your own. Although the economy has been tough it has not […]

Bluff Mountain Nature Preserve

There's 1,973 acres near Warrensville, NC that has some of the most beautiful and ecologically significant natural heritage sites in the southeast, Bluff  Mountain Nature Preserve. It offers visitors scenic beauty, unusual landforms, and an amazing botanical variety.                       A mineral-rich rock type called amphibolites gneiss underpins the peaks in the Amphibolites Mountains, yielding a more […]

West Jefferson 2014 Holiday Event Schedule!

Here is a schedule with all the events for this 2014 Holiday Season in Downtown West Jefferson NC!            Be sure to come out and share in all the fun festivities! Support the businesses and shops in West Jefferson during the Holiday season! Shop Local! Since its incorporation in 1799, Ashe County has represented the best […]